Head office and warehouse

Centralized buying and services for all our sales outlets, an ever-increasing number in Parma and Fidenza. Until 2006 it was just an idea. Now it has a name: Romani Silvano S.r.l.
Romani Silvano is a 2,000 sq.m. warehouse on the edge of the city, very close to the “Parma” exit of the A1 motorway, a strategic location to ensure speedy delivery of orders.
The warehouse holds stocks for delivery to our Silvano Romani outlets, receives goods from suppliers and makes up orders, and guarantees widespread delivery anywhere in the country.
If the heart of Silvano Romani is the warehouse, the head office is the brain. In the offices we have a full-time staff of passionate food-lovers. We love Parma and we love traditional flavours, precisely what you find in our stores. You can rely on us!