San Lazzaro

History and Mission

Our story begins in 1965. The setting up of Romani Silvano S.r.l. formalized the success of the Silvano Romani brand, already recognised as a guarantee of quality.
Over time, our network of sales outlets has grown with new shops in Parma, Reggio Emilia and their respective provinces. Every day, hundreds of customers choose Silvano Romani products. They choose them because they know they can be trusted. They choose them because in our products they will find authentic flavours remembered from childhood. They choose them because they know that we keep one eye on quality and the other on price.
Every day, we seek out the best traditional products in every corner of Italy. A time-consuming and arduous task, but always a worthwhile one. We are guided by experience, skill and enthusiasm: we evaluate production processes and check the whole supply chain. This is the way we like it.